Tour beautiful north Idaho.

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September 3-6, 2021

Art Tour Drive
Art Tour Drive

Enjoy summer in north Idaho and discover terrific new art. We invite you to visit the working studios of painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelers, potters, glass artists and more.

Set your own schedule and enjoy the scenery as you explore the works of familiar favorites and new artists. The tour is completely free of charge.

The Sandpoint area boasts many artists working in a variety of media. Step into their working studios and witness firsthand where they create the work you love. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Pend Oreille and the surrounding mountains as you tour the local art studios.

The local towns of Westmond, Sagle, Sandpoint, Ponderay, Kootenai, Hope, and Clark Fork offer stop-off points for lunch, fuel, snacks, or any other needs while you tour.

Make your summer special by seeing what the local area has to offer.

Explore our artists.

Art Tour Drive

From widely known artists to local celebrities to emerging talent, come explore the wide variety of artists on this year's tour.


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Art Tour Drive
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Artist Roster 2019

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Sagle & South

Jola (Yola) Bitler
Kim Powers
Susan Gallo
Mary Gayle Young
Connie Scherr
Pauline Ehly
Larry Clark
Bruce Duykers
Earl Petznick
Lucy West
Don Fisher

Sandpoint, North & East

Eli Sevenich
Rob Payne
Jodie Stejer
Carolyn Beckwith
Whitney Palmer
Steve Gevurtz
Vickie Edwards
Terrie Kremer
Doug Fluckiger
× Jola (Yola) Bitler

Jola (Yola) Bitler / Painting

208-263-3232 [email protected]

Art by Yola 917 Westmond Rd, Sagle

My artwork is an interpretation of my surroundings, ideas, and beliefs. The subject matter of each painting determines which form of media I use. North Idaho provides me with peace and tranquil arena to paint and express myself using different approaches. Each project often consists of multiple works, grouped around specific themes and meanings.

× Kim Powers

Kim Powers / Mixed media

509-869-4230 [email protected]

6095 Dufort Rd, Sagle

I am constantly consuming the lush colors and the varied textures of the river,the mountains, fields and forest that surround me. When I pick up my brush or choose my fabrics I draw from these experiences. I look forward to sharing my work with you at my studio/gallery housed in a seventy year old barn.

× Susan Gallo

Susan Gallo / Mixed media

208-290-7096 [email protected]

186 Gallop Circle, Sagle

I get a glimpse of God every time I look out my window to the glorious ever-changing landscape here in Idaho. Even after 30 years as an artist and instructor, I marvel at how small I am and how big His palette is, and how compelled I am to capture it. Come see my world.
× Mary Gayle Young

Mary Gayle Young / Jewelry

307-690-6032 [email protected]

498 Rocky Rd, Sagle

Mary Gayle invites you to her home and studio for the second weekend of the Tour. Nestled in the woods, nature is the inspiration for her many design concepts. “Flame Painting”, her newest direction, is the heating of metal with fire and has ignited endless creative possibilities. She is excited to present you original, unique, organic and colorful jewelry. Mary Gayle will be showing at the POAC Art Fair in Sandpoint during the first weekend of the tour.

× Connie Scherr

Connie Scherr / Oils

208-290-7570 [email protected]

Scherr Haven 333 Birch Haven, Sagle

This is Big Joe’s Uncle and he has been cruising around my studio and stopping to devour the apples and pears on our fruit trees. Come by my studio and see Uncle Bob and all of my newest works of our beautiful North Idaho. My Studio is open during the Tour, also June through September by appointment. Just call 208-290-7570.
× Pauline Ehly

Pauline Ehly / Eco Printing

208-290-8762 [email protected]

Scherr Haven 333 Birch Haven, Sagle

I offer wearable art, such as handmade felt items, jewelry accessories, eco-dyed scarves, and encaustic wall hangings. Each stone used in my jewelry has its own story and its individual personality springs to life when it is born in my studio. I use careful selectivity and creativeness in my art, making “one-of-a-kind, locally handcrafted treasures”.

× Larry Clark

Larry Clark / Pottery

208-610-9367 [email protected]

Scherr Haven 333 Birch Haven, Sagle

I’ve known clay for a long time, both as a studio potter and a teacher. It’s an imperfect, high maintenance relationship requiring a great deal of give and take. My latest attempts at a more perfect understanding include unusually-shaped, but still functional, hand-built vases and also heavily adorned pots influenced by Chinese porcelain.

× Bruce Duykers

Bruce Duykers / Oils

208-610-4501 [email protected]

818 Forever View Rd, Sagle

I create because it gives me pleasure, takes me into a timeless zone, allows me to use skills developed over decades, and challenges me to extend myself beyond my comfort level. Lately I’ve gravitated to abstract expressionism, often scraping away and building new layers over a canvas I don’t like, to find something more intriguing to me.

× Earl Petznick

Earl Petznick / Sculpture & multimedia installation

602-499-2880 [email protected]

29 Cliffs Above Contest Point, Sagle

My work examines the tension between forces, making use of physical presence (vessels) and absence (voids). I seek to understand the relationship between humankind, the natural world, and the influences of memory and connectedness. Using primitive materials and techniques and incorporating modern elements such as video and sound, I aim to express the conflicts inherent in the human condition.
× Lucy West

Lucy West / Acrylics

509-251-9215 [email protected]

639 Cliffs Above Contest Point Lane, Sagle

Painting with acrylics on canvas, my ambition is to create fine art infused with the elegant science that makes up the phenomenal mechanics of our world and universe. My wish is to inspire others to look up at the night sky or look deeper into the inner workings of nature, and through the creative process explore “how” and “why”. This studio will be open only for the second weekend of the tour, Aug 16, 17 & 18.
× Don Fisher

Don Fisher / Photography

208-920-1900 [email protected]

111 Greenwood, Sagle

My philosophy as a fine art photographer is really quite simple: I try to spot scenes of nature that are not immediately noticed by everyone’s eye. The lighting has to be just right for the composition to be its best. I then work primarily with Lightroom to bring out the colors, texture and saturation of the subject.

× Eli Sevenich

Eli Sevenich / Painting, Printmaking

208-610-2272 [email protected]

436 Euclid Ave, Sandpoint

I like to experiment with different styles, techniques and mediums. My favorite is printmaking for its ability to create layers for monotypes (one of a kind) or limited additions. My style of art might be considered semi-abstract though the subject matter is usually easily recognizable. I try not to overthink my work...more in the moment, see what happens as I work away.

× Rob Payne

Rob Payne / Wood

208-304-4682 [email protected]

204 S. Florence, Sandpoint

For decades I’ve enjoyed creating functional art from my treasury of unique wood. I rescue wood from demolition projects, local Sandpoint trees headed for the landfill, exotic species, driftwood, and more. I use these to create functional art: furniture, doors, cabinets, guitars—my imagination’s the limit. Each finished piece comes with a story, and its personality shows in every line. This studio will not be open on the first weekend of the tour.
× Jodie Stejer

Jodie Stejer / Encaustic

509-993-1213 [email protected]

324 N. 2nd Ave, Sandpoint

As an Encaustic artist, I apply a fired torch to fuse together beeswax, resin, pigment and shellac to create abstracts inspired by the world around me. Being an abstract artist gives me a unique way to express what the human heart feels yet struggles to communicate. “Playing with fire” captivates me daily and I can’t wait to share it with you.
× Carolyn Beckwith

Carolyn Beckwith / Jewelry

208-691-6568 [email protected]

Schweitzer Mountain Gallery, 10000 Schweitzer Mtn. Rd, Sandpoint

My inspiration comes from all the beauty around me, especially rocks, and the many special requests of those visiting the gallery. I enjoy being immersed in the creative process and then stepping back to see the final piece. I love to send my work out in the world to be enjoyed. I am grateful, thankful and blessed!

× Whitney Palmer

Whitney Palmer / Oils

208-597-4791 [email protected]

Schweitzer Mountain Gallery, 10000 Schweitzer Mtn. Rd, Sandpoint

My paintings represent awe-inspiring places I recreate or am captured by. Through a lush and discerning brush I infuse transcendence, oft with a twist of whimsy and imagination. Humor plays into my illustrated books, which include a rhyming mini-series about our lake monster, a poetry sketchbook, and adult comic “Infamous Potatoes.” My style is “Whitty”.
× Steve Gevurtz

Steve Gevurtz / Sculpture

509-981-9215 [email protected]

245 Kootenai 4th Ave, Sandpoint

I hope you will join me in my lakeside studio as I work on several new figurative clay sculptures. I’ll be demonstrating my sculpting techniques and explaining the elegant process of transforming a clay sculpture into a finished bronze. Enjoy a glass of wine while you tour the lakeside sculpture gardens and gallery to view over 40 bronze sculptures including my newest piece, “Chasing Rainbows”.
× Vickie Edwards

Vickie Edwards / Fabric arts

208-920-1628 [email protected]

1420 N. Center Valley Rd, Sandpoint

I used oil paint and cold wax medium for the first time in August, 2017. A passion for this mixed media combination has grown into an obsession of finding and exploring new and innovative techniques. My paintings are highly textured, using up to 20 layers of paint, scraped and excavated back to original layers, usually dark and gritty with spheres or circles as focal points.
× Terrie Kremer

Terrie Kremer / Quilter

208-946-9706 [email protected]

Moose Country Quilts 3075 Gold Creek Rd, Sandpoint

Not your Grandma’s quilts here! Instead, my fabric wall art and quilts are a blend of tradition and contemporary, with surprises in the details. 30 years of experience have led me here. I use commercial, hand-painted and hand-dyed fabrics to represent local wildlife, flowers and plants. I love using unusual combinations of color, print and design. Enjoy the drive to my rural studio and see what I mean!
× Doug Fluckiger

Doug Fluckiger / Pencil drawings

208-266-1715 [email protected]

829 Dry Creek Rd, Clark Fork

Though my work is generally mistaken for photography, it’s exclusively graphite— pencil drawings. My strongest influence is nature herself: snowfall, mist, mornings and evenings; clouds and stones and trees and water. The combinations and delights are limitless. I’m as excited as a kid when the clouds disclose the mountains, or in a twilight moonrise. I never get used to it.
Artists: Display your work in this gallery for free!